This short movie tells the whole story of LCB Depot.


Mike Candler of Leicester City Council describes how the LCB has been full (and self-financing)
almost from the very start.



Ben Ravilious and Mike Candler discuss how the LCB helped stop Leicester’s graduate brain drain.



Peter Chandler the Creative Workspace Development Manager at LCB talks about the LCB’s influence on Leicester



Ben and Mike discuss other creative incubators in comparison to LCB.



Ben and Mike discuss other creative incubators in comparison to LCB.



Peter Chandler talks about the conception of the LCB



Cany Ash, partner at Ash Sakula Architects, talks about Ash Sakula’s approach to existing buildings,
and the particular issues that arose in the conversion of the Depot.



Andrew Tanner, a designer and craftsman based in the LCB depot talks about the coming together of craft,
design and industry.



Deane McQueen talks about how much she likes the LCB café



Ben Ravilious describes how the success of LCB has created a waiting list for work space.



Ben Ravilious describes the sense of community at LCB

Andrew Tanner talks about craft orientated businesses in the LCB depot

Ben Ravillious describes the LCB depot as ‘absolute magic’.



Members of a local book club often hold their group meetings in the café, here one member mentions the space and light.



Michael Taylor describes how LCB upped Leicester’s architectural game.



Koo Bangra from Rare Company describes his range of clientele



Andrew Tanner and his small studio



The Times says, “they don’t come more creative than Ash Sakula”.



Blueprint magazine describes life at LCB Depot, shortly after its completion



The RIBA Journal describes the architecture of LCB Depot.